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Who are we?

Creative Solutions

In Latin, Aedificere means to build, to construct. This is what Aedifix stands for: we help you to construct and build your business by offering you hands-on support and, if necessary, taking full interim statutory responsibility.

Aedifix Holding BV offers the extensive capabilities and industry knowledge required to help you solve the most complex problems of your organization.

We are proud to say that since our start in 2013 we helped major customers such as Nationale Notaris B.V., Flatfield multi print International B.V. and Notarieel Betalen B.V. (Lawyer Pay) to grow substantially and increase enterprise value.


Our CEO, Dr. Albert van der Wijk, is an accredited associate of The Institute for Independent Business (IIB, and Associate of the English Kingsgate Group (


Would you like to experience the expertise of Aedifix Holding BV yourself? Don't hesitate and call us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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